MobileHelp: Does the Everbridge Mobile App Need to Be in the Foreground to Record a Video?


Does the Everbridge Mobile App need to be in the foreground to record a video?


When an SOS is triggered on an iOS device, the Everbridge Mobile app must remain in the foreground (visible on the screen) for audio and video to record. If a contact triggers an SOS on an iOS device and puts the app in the background (by pressing the home button), audio and video will not record, and the video will not be available on the Universe tab.

Android devices will record audio and video when the Everbridge Mobile app is in the foreground or background.

Remind contacts who rely on the Everbridge Mobile app the following:

  • For contacts who use iOS devices, keep the Everbridge Mobile app in the foreground if they trigger an SOS.
  • For contacts who use iOS or Android devices, always allow the Everbridge Mobile app to access the camera and microphone.
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