Everbridge CEM: February 2024 Release Notes

What's New in Everbridge 360™ (Includes Mass Notifications unless otherwise specified)
Access Support Center using SSO

The Support Center can now be accessed via SSO from the Help and Support menu in the Manager Portal, allowing users to utilize the same login credentials across the two sites. 

Support Menu - Support Center Item.png

This enhancement is free for all customers.

Release Date: February 27 (EU), February 28 (US)

What's New in Visual Command Center
Advanced Workflows for Operator-Entered Risk Events

VCC users can now set different advanced workflows based on Severity or Category for different Asset and Contact types​, allowing for the auto-launch of Incident Notifications to different Stakeholders for the same alert.

VCC Operator Entered Risk Event.png

This feature is available to all CEM Standard and Advanced clients. 

Release Date: Available Now

Minor Improvements to Existing Features - All Products
Product Feature Area Feature Description Benefits
Mass Notification Scheduling Calendar Shift Time Zones

The Scheduling feature will be improved by allowing users to select a time zone for each shift while also accounting for Daylight Savings time when applicable.


Release Date: March 4 (EU), March 5 (US)

This change allows shifts to follow the Daylight Savings time of the selected time zone.
Visual Command Center Alert Summary Alert Summary Default Views

We've added an enhancement to the Alert Summary, Card, and List View screens in Visual Command Center.


Release Date:

Available Now

VCC will now remember which view (Summary, Card, or List) was last used, and return the user to that view the next time they view an Alert. 
Visual Command Center Operator Console Search Enhancement

Organizations can now search for Contacts by External ID in the Visual Command Center Operator Console.


Release Date: Available Now

This enhancement allows Operators to locate a specific user by External ID when there are many Contacts with similar names.
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