EBS: SMS - Subscribe, Resubscribe, Opt-In, Resume Receiving Everbridge SMS Notifications


SMS - Subscribe, Resubscribe, Opt-In, Resume Receiving Everbridge SMS Notifications.



Contacts who have opted out of receiving SMS notifications from Everbridge may continue to receive SMS messages by texting RESUME to any of the Everbridge SMS Codes documented under Global SMS Codes at the top of the Support Center page. There is no need to have a previously received SMS message from Everbridge to be able to send a new SMS to one of our codes. Once the contact has opted back in to receiving messages, their mobile phone number will be removed from the unsubscribe list. Please see knowledge base article EBS: Viewing Unsubscribe/Opt-Out Requests in Everbridge Suite for more information on the unsubscribe list.

NOTE: Resuming SMS notifications will apply to all organizations that the phone number was subscribed to.

The Process:

  1. Contact texts RESUME to any of our SMS codes (i.e., this feature is not U.S.-centric).
  2. The Everbridge application will send an auto response to the recipient informing them that they will continue to receive messages from Everbridge Alerts. For example, if a recipient texts RESUME, the response message may be "Everbridge Alerts received your request to resume SMS notifications to this mobile number."
  3. If the Everbridge application finds RESUME (not case sensitive) in the first six positions of the response, then the application removes the mobile phone number from the Everbridge unsubscribe list.

NOTE: The system will treat a response as a RESUME if someone responds with "resume all server communications" via SMS because "resume" is in the first six positions of the message.

  1. When you send another notification via SMS and email to the same contact as above, the Everbridge application will send the SMS message and the email message to the contact.
  2. You can view the call result for the contact under the Everbridge Suite Notification History (Communications > Notifications > Active / History). The call result will display Sent under the Status column for the SMS attempt on the notification report.
  3. The contact will be removed from the unsubscribed list.

NOTE: Your contacts do not first need to receive a notification via SMS from you before they can text RESUME to the Everbridge SMS code that corresponds to their mobile phone country. Your contacts should not contact Everbridge Technical Support to resume notifications. The mobile phone owner must text RESUME from their device in order for their mobile phone number to be removed from the unsubscribed list.

Other Message Recipients:

Other message recipients such as residents or public incident recipients (i.e. those users who receive Everbridge SMS but are not contacts or users in Everbridge), may resume SMS notifications in the same way that contacts may resume notifications; by texting RESUME to the mobile number from which they received Everbridge SMS messages.

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