VCC: Operator Entered Risk Events in Visual Command Center


What Is an Operator Risk Event in Visual Command Center; How to Create, Update and Close an Operator Risk Event; And How to Use an Operator Risk Event in Alerting Workflows.


What is an Operator Entered Risk Event?

Risk Events in CEM are normally entered in by the Everbridge Risk Intelligence Monitoring Center (RIMC), Authoritative Sources (National Weather Service, USGS, GDACS) or through Custom Self-Service Feeds. An Operator Entered Risk event is a risk event entered by the VCC Operator directly into the Visual Command Center Operator Console. 

Operator Entered Risk Events
  • Unknown
  • Minor
  • Moderate
  • Severe
  • Extreme
  • Civil Unrest
  • Conflict/War
  • Crime
  • Hazmat/Fire
  • Health/Disease
  • Hurricane
  • Local Disaster
  • Natural Disaster
  • Other Security
  • Terrorism/Suspicious Activity
  • Transportation
  • Utility/Infrastructure
  • Weather
  • Wildfires


How to Create an Operator Entered Risk Event

To create an Operator Entered Risk event, access the Visual Command Center Operator Console and open the Risk Events feed.

  1. Click on Operator Entered Risk
  2. Check the box next Operator Entered Risk
  3. Click + Create New Item
  1. Select a point and radius or draw a polygon. 
  1. Enter the following fields.
  • Title (Required)
  • Location
  • Description
  • Category (Required)
  • Severity (Required)
  • Event Start (Required)
  • Event End (Required)
  1. Click Save


How to Update an Operator Entered Risk Event

To update the risk event:

  1. Select the risk event on the map
  2. Click Edit

Note:  If you edit an Operator Entered Risk Event that triggers a CEM Orchestration workflow, that will be processed as an update to the risk event.  A risk event update can trigger the Update phase of the Alert and any subsequent actions like Incident Communications or Custom Actions. 


How to Close an Operator Entered Risk Event

To close the risk event:

  1. Select Edit
  2. Select Close.  Close will set the Event End time to the current date and time.  

Note:  If an Alert was generated from the risk event the system will automatically acknowledge the Alert one hour following the risk event End Time. 

Note:  Once closed the Operator Entered Risk Event cannot be updated.   


  1. Log in to the Everbridge Manager Portal and select your organization
  2. Select Settings > Everbridge Open > CEM Orchestration > Workflows
  3. Select Operator Entered Risk Events under + Add Sources

Please see knowledge base article EBS: Getting Started: Creating Advanced Alert Workflows with CEM Orchestration in Everbridge to understand how to create advanced workflows. 



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