EBS: Target Destination Folders for SFTP Contact Upload Files


Target destination folders for SFTP contact upload files.


When uploading contacts via SFTP, the contact upload files should be placed in the following target folders. The target folder names mirror the functions performed when placing the file in that target folder. For example, placing the file in the Update folder will run the file as an update.

Please note, the following folder names are case sensitive. 

  • /asset/delete - Delete all buildings whose IDs match building IDs in the upload file.
  • /asset/update - Insert new buildings. Update matching buildings. No building is deleted.
  • /delete - Equivalent of the DELETE option in the uploads page. Delete all contacts whose external IDs match IDs in the upload file.
  • /dynamic location/update - No /delete or /replace. Last Known Locations (LKLs) expire based on upload settings or location source settings.
  • /gis/add - Upload a point-address file. This is related to a premium feature. It uploads .gis point-address files (geographical information). Please contact your Everbridge Account Manager to have this feature enabled.
  • /replace - Equivalent of the REPLACE option in the uploads page. Within matching record types only: insert new contacts, update matching contacts, delete all contacts whose external IDs are not in the upload file.
  • /result - The results of any upload request
  • /update - Equivalent of the UPDATE option in the upload page. Inserts new contacts. Updates matching contacts. No contact is deleted.
  • /user/add - Add new users to Everbridge Suite via a CSV file. All users will be added. No existing user will be altered or deleted.
  • /vcc_asset/update - In VCC  "assets" are a custom data type (unlike Everbridge Site, where "assets" are specifically buildings.) This folder behavers like /replace in Everbridge Suite: 
    • Insert new assets
    • Update matching assets
    • Delete all assets that do not match
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