Resilience Insights: How to Convert a String Attribute to a Number


How to convert a string attribute to a number attribute for table calculations.


If you add an asset attribute to a table that is a string format, you can convert that to a number, with a custom calculation. 

In this example I have a Business Value custom attribute on my assets in Asset Management. Business Value represents the general dollar value of the asset.  I have included Business Value as an attribute in my table, but it is in a string format. 

I can convert this string to a number or currency value using a Table Calculation

  1. Select Add calculation.
  2. Select Custom expression.
  3. Expression = to_number (<select attribute name>)

Example:  to_number(${assets_property_definition_mapping.value})

  1. Select Default formatting

  • Name the table calculation.
  • Click Save

Note:  This numeric dollar value table calculation can then be used as a numeric calculation to summarize potential business value impact across Alerts that have affected those assets. 


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