VCC: How to Use the Mirror Channel With Visual Command Center Channels


How to use the Mirror Channel with Visual Command Center (VCC) Channels. 


The Channels feature is an add-on to Visual Command Center that lets you use your command center's wall monitors to share information, provide a live overview of the day's operations, and zero in on high-priority events. Channels are views of Visual Command Center data that are optimized for display on large monitors.

Visual Command Center Channels has added a new channel called Mirror.  Mirror will allow the Operator to send, stream or download a view to/from the Mirror Channel.  This feature will allow organizations, with VCC Channels enabled, to send or stream a large screen optimized Operator Console view, to Mirror for real-time collaboration in the command center. 


Configuration steps can be found in the VCC: Visual Command Center Administrator Guide

Launch Mirror

Once the Mirror Channel is configured for a screen:

  1. Log in to Visual Command Center on the computer connected to the wall screens
  2. Select Mirror from the Operator Console menu under Tools



  • Send View:  This is a one-time action to send the current Operator View to Mirror. Mirror will not show subsequent changes to the Operator console unless the Operator sends an updated version to Mirror. 
  • Stream (On/Off):  When enabled, the Operator Console view will be streamed to Mirror. Mirror will update as the Operator navigates the map or add/removes different layers. Stream ON will turn the button blue.  
  • Download View: The is a one-time action to download the current view configuration from Mirror to the Operator Console. This action will update the current Operator console view to what is currently displayed in Mirror. 

Supported Layers

  • Risk Events
  • Assets
  • Contacts
  • Alerts
  • Critical Events
  • Acknowledged Alerts
  • Customer KML Layers
  • RIMC Tactical Resolution Layers
  • Risk History
  • Weather Forecast (Image Only)
  • Alert Toast Messages
  • Map Type
  • Travel/Expected
  • Country Ratings
  • Countries
  • Zip Codes
  • Airports
  • Emergency Response


  • Hospitals
  • Diplomatic Missions
  • Embassies & Consulates
  • Storm Surge
  • Hurricane Evacuation Routes
  • Traffic Camera (Locations Only)
  • Shipping Lanes
  • US Rail
  • Ports

Unsupported Layers

  • Visualization of Alert Proximity Radius
  • Items Panel
  • Incidents 

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