Everbridge 360™: Organization Code Does Not Exist Using the Everbridge 360™ Desktop Application


When contacts enter their organization code into the Find Your Organization page of the Everbridge 360™ Desktop App, the search fails with:

Organization Code does not exist

Image of error

Root Cause

The organization's network security has a built-in rule to block https://mobilemember.everbridge.net or https://mobilemember.everbridge.eu or possibly one of the other domains used by the Everbridge 360™ Desktop App.


Permit list the following URLs with their port. For more information on permit listing IP addresses, please see knowledge base article EBS: Everbridge Permit Listing Best Practices.

    • mobilemember.everbridge.net:443
    • android.clients.google.com:443
    • fcm.googleapis.com:443
    • mtalk.google.com:5228

Note: For Orgs in the EU stack, you will need BOTH mobilemember.everbridge.net and mobilemember.everbridge.eu on your allow list.

How to check if your security system blocks the Everbridge 360™ Desktop Application

Copy and paste the following URL in your browser:

For Orgs in the EU stack, you will need to check BOTH https://mobilemember.everbridge.net/ and https://mobilemember.everbridge.eu/

If the above URLs are blocked, then, an appropriate message will be returned from the respective security system installed by your organization (e.g., Cisco, Zscaler, etc.)

If the above URLs are not blocked, then, you will be redirected to https://mobilemember.everbridge.net/swagger-ui/index.html or https://mobilemember.everbridge.eu/swagger-ui/index.html with a blank page



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