Everbridge 360™: How Do Contacts Find Their Organization in the Everbridge 360™ App?


How do contacts find their Organization in the Everbridge 360™ App?


An administrator must first define the Organization Code so that contacts may search for and locate their organization in the Everbridge 360™ App. This may be done by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Everbridge Manager Portal and select your Organization.
  2. Select Settings > Everbridge Mobile App > Organization Code.
  3. Please ensure that Enable Organization Code is selected and an Organization Code is defined.
    • The Organization Code must be between 2-32 characters. Acceptable characters are letters, numbers, and the following special characters _-!@$&()+.,' Spaces are not allowed.
  4. Select Save.

Note: When contacts search for an Organization in the Everbridge 360™ App, an exact match to the Organization Code is required (case-insensitive).


Screenshot of organization settings


Above is an Organization with an Organization Code correctly set up. Below is the correct Organization Code used in the Everbridge Everbridge 360™ App. Once the code is input, the contact is prompted to sign in. 


mobile app page to search for an organization         mobile app sign in page


Note: When searching for an Organization in the Everbridge 360™ App, only what is defined as the Organization Code is used for verification. The information in the Search Terms setting is only used for the Everbridge Mobile App and NOT the Everbridge 360™ App. The Search Terms settings are shown below. 


Screenshot of search term settings


Additional References

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