EBS: Email - Unsubscribe, Opt Out, Remove, Stop From Receiving Everbridge Email Notifications


 Email - Unsubscribe, Opt Out, Remove, Stop From Receiving Everbridge Email Notifications.


Everbridge allows contacts to opt out of receiving Everbridge emails if this option is enabled in the organization. Please see knowledge base article  EBS: Email - How to Allow Contacts to Unsubscribe or Opt Out from Everbridge Email Notifications for information on this organizational setting.

Unsubscribing from emails will cause notification delivery to the given email address to cease on all email paths with the exception of the Plain Text Email – 1 Way and Plain Text Email – 2 Way delivery paths, which are not affected by the email unsubscribe feature.

To learn how to unsubscribe (opt out, remove, stop) receiving email notifications from Everbridge follow the video and/or written steps below:


Written Steps:

Everbridge allows contacts to opt out of receiving email messages via a system-generated link.
Contacts can unsubscribe from emails through the most recent notification received. Follow these steps.

  1. Open the email message and scroll down to the bottom
  2. Select Click Here to unsubscribe!
  3. Click the checkbox for I'm not a robot
  4. Click Yes, Unsubscribe

A confirmation page is displayed and the contact is unsubscribed from email notifications.

The Process:

  1. ​​You select Email as a delivery path for a notification.
Email Selected
  1. Your contact receives the email and scrolls to the bottom of the email.
  2. The contact clicks on the unsubscribe hyperlink.
Unsubscribe Email Link


  1. The contact clicks the checkbox for I'm not a robot.
Unsubscribe Prompt
  1. Your contact follows the prompts and chooses the Yes, Unsubscribe button.
  1. Your contact is then redirected to a confirmation page.
  1. When you send a subsequent notification email to that contact or any other contact who has that email address that has been unsubscribed, then the Everbridge application will block the email message from being sent to them. You can view the call result for the contact under a notification's delivery details (Communications > Notifications > Active/History > {title} > Delivery Details) tab at the bottom. The call result will display as Not Attempted - Unsubscribed for the email attempt on the notification report.
Unsubscribed Notification Details

NOTE: If you sent this notification only via email, then the contact in the above example will be aggregated under the UNREACHABLE category in the Notification Details. However, if you used other delivery methods for your notification and we were able to send the notification via another delivery method to the same contact, then they will be listed under the appropriate confirmation status category.


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