VCC: Clicking on a Contact on the Visual Command Center Map Results in ‘A Server Error Has Occurred’ Error Message


When clicking on a dynamic contact on the Visual Command Center (VCC) map, the following error message occurs:

A server error has occurred. Please try again later
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Root Cause

The Dynamic location upload .CSV file does not include the source mapping information.

To validate the root cause, check a contact record. If Location via unknown source is displayed in the user interface for a contact's dynamic location, proceed to the solution in this Knowledge Base Article.

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A valid location might also be displayed on the contact, but the source mapping might still be missing. To verify, click on the location name to expand the location information and check the "Source" field. If there is no information in this field, this knowledge base article also applies.

The "source" field for this record is blank


In your .CSV upload file for dynamic locations, include the source name for your contact locations. For example, below uses the name RiskBand. Please note RiskBand is no longer in service.

You need to map the Source name in your upload file in the Manager Portal. Follow these steps to create a mapping.

  1. Navigate to Settings at the Organizational level
  2. Click on Contacts and Groups
  3. Select Location Sources
  4. Enter a name that matches the Location Source column header in your upload file into the empty field
  5. Select a Valid Timespan
  6. Click Add


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