VCC: Employees at Expected Locations Are Not Receiving Automated Alerts in Visual Command Center


Employees at expected locations are not receiving automated alerts in Visual Command Center (VCC).


Create a Multi-Selection location variable with Expected, Last Known and Static location options and add it to your auto-launch template. This will ensure that your employees with expected dynamic locations receive automated notifications. In the example below, variable VCC!: Location Type is created and added to an auto-launch template.

  1. Create the variable.

Logon to the Manager Portal and go to Incidents > Variables > click New Variable. From the drop-down menu, select Multiple Selection, enter the variable name VCC!: Location Type, then define the three options: Expected, Last Known and Static and click OK.

  1. Add the new variable to your auto-launch template.

In the Manager Portal go to Incidents > Templates > edit {template name} > select the variable and add the three options Expected, Last Known, and Static from the drop-down menu to your form.

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