EBS: The ‘Last Login Date’ Field for Some Users Is Blank in the Everbridge Manager Portal


The Last Login Date field for some Users is blank in the Everbridge Manager Portal. To access the Last Login Date field, at the Account Level go to Users > Users.

screenshot with blank last login dates

Root Cause

There are several possible causes:

  • The user is not a registered user and not using SSO
  • The user is an API user
  • The user has not logged in since the Everbridge April 2021 upgrade (April 20, 2021 for EU and April 21, 2021 for US)

Note: The upgrade originally occurred on April 13 and 14 respectively and then rolled back. Last Login Dates were captured during this brief upgrade period. For example, if a user logged in on April 3, 14, 15, 18, and 21, they will have a Last Login Date showing for April 14, 15, and 21. The 3rd will not show because it was prior to the initial upgrade and the 18th will not show because the upgrade had been rolled back.


The Last Login Date field will reflect the date for both username/password users and SSO users only. At this time the Last Login Date field is not logged for API users. This is being considered for a future release. Additionally the Last Login Date field will only display values for those users who have logged in since the April 2021 upgrade, as these values were not captured before the date and time of the upgrade.

For a value to be displayed in the Last Login Date field, ensure that the user:

  • Is a registered user if not using SSO
  • Is logging in with either a username and password or by using SSO (i.e. not an API user)
  • Has logged in since the Everbridge upgrade in April 2021


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