EBS: 'Sorry, we were not able to process your request. An internal server error occurred' or 'Invalid Credentials' Error When Logging in to the Everbridge Manager Portal



When logging into the Everbridge Manager Portal, the following errors may occur and the user is unable to successfully log in.

Sorry, we were not able to process your request. An internal server error occurred. Please refresh the page to try again.
Error Message Server Error
Invalid Credentials (Even after doing a password reset and correctly typing the password)
Error Message 1 Invalid Credentials


NOTE: This error can appear as though the system is not accepting the username or password of the user even when the credentials are correct. If you have reset your password, and typed in the temporary password sent to you perfectly, and have the correct username, then this is likely to be the issue.

Root Cause:

This issue can occur when the user attempting to sign in does not have a role assigned. This is likely to be the issue if the user is a new user, or their roles have been changed recently.


Ensure that the user account has a role assigned to them. If you are the user affected, please reach out to the person that configured your account, or your Everbridge Account Administrator, and ask them to assign you a role.

To assign a role to a user please see Knowledge Base Article 000002672 - How to Assign One or More Roles to Users in Everbridge Suite.

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