EBS: Unable to Link a Contact to a Safety Connection Building Asset


You are unable to link contacts to assets.

Root Cause:

A contact can only be linked to a Safety Connection (SC) Building, which is a specific Asset Template. There are five Asset Templates: Facility, Mobile Unit, Person, SC Building, and Other. Please see knowledge base article 000057003 - Safety Connection Buildings vs. Other Asset Templates for more details. 


To link a contact to a Safety Connection Building, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Make sure that an "SC Building" Asset Type exists in Settings > Contacts/Assets > Asset Type. Click on each Asset Type until you find one with the Asset Template "SC Building" (it will also have a green icon). NOTE: If an "SC Building" Asset Type does not exist, then it must be created. Please see the GIF to the right for a visual demonstration of how to do so.
  1. Make sure that "SC Building" assets exist in Contacts/Assets > Asset List. If not, they must be created manually or via upload. Please see the screenshot to the right.
  1. You can manually link contacts to Safety Connection Buildings by clicking Link to existing building under Static Location in an individual Contact record. Please see the GIF to the right for a visual demonstration of how to do so.
  1. You can also link contacts to SC Buildings via upload by inserting SC Building External IDs in the "Location ID" column in the contact upload CSV file.
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