EBS: How to Edit an Incident Template Variable When the Template Is Used in Smart Orchestration (SORCH)



How to edit an incident template variable when the template is used in Smart Orchestration (SORCH).


When editing an incident template variable (Incidents > Variables) and that template is used in Smart Orchestration, the template needs to be synchronized to the new version of that variable. To synchronize the variable, edit and save the template. (Incidents > Templates > {click the pencil icon next to the template} > Save.) However, before editing any template that is used in Smart Orchestration, Everbridge recommends first confirming the change with Everbridge Technical Support.

Exception: If you add/edit a question with special characters or that requires special handling (i.e. does not follow the standard yes/no rules), please contact Everbridge Technical Support to make a required back-end change in Smart Orchestration to ensure the variable synchronization.


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