EBS: What Do the Numbers Mean in the Table View for Polling Notifications in Everbridge Suite?


What do the numbers mean in the table view for polling notifications?


Table View

The Table View in polling notifications consists of three columns described below:

The blank column on the left numbers the responses created for the polling notification. This is dictated by the amount of polling responses created before the notification is sent. For example, the image to the right shows Invalid Response as choice 1, Available is choice 2, and Unavailable is choice 3. Not Confirmed and Unreachable aren't numbered because they are system-created results. NOTE: Invalid Response is also system generated and is always choice 1.

The Response column displays the response options that were available for contacts. In this case, there were two: Available and Unavailable.

The Answers column records the amount of contacts that answered next to the corresponding response they used. As shown on the right, one contact responded with something else altogether so it was counted for Invalid Response, two contacts responded with Available, and three contacts responded with Unavailable.

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