EBS: Can Tracfone Devices Receive SMS Text Message Notifications From Everbridge?


Can TracFone devices receive SMS text message notifications from Everbridge?


TracFone does not support receiving SMS text messages which originate from a short code. An excerpt from TracFone's wireless terms and conditions states:

TracFone does not generally participate in Premium SMS services or campaigns. Premium SMS refers to activities that usually involve sending a text message to a designated "short code" or buying or attempting to buy SMS services from anyone other than TracFone. Premium SMS campaigns include activities such as casting a vote, expressing your opinion, playing a game, subscribing to a service, or interactive television programs. You should not attempt to participate in Premium SMS campaigns, unless it is a TracFone authorized campaign. Any text message you send to a "short code" will in all likelihood not go through. Any charges you may incur as a result of any attempts to participate in Premium PSMS services or campaigns (not authorized by TracFone), whether you incur charges as deductions from your TracFone handset or from your credit card, are not refundable.

TracFone's full wireless terms and conditions of service can be read at https://www.tracfone.com/includes/content/popup/terms_conditions.jsp.

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