EBS: 'sso?errorcode=ssp.no.contact' ​​Error When Logging in to the Everbridge Member Portal



When logging in to the Everbridge Member portal, a contact is redirected to the Single Sign-On login page with the following error in the URL


>User-added image

Root Cause:

The contact's SSO user ID in Everbridge does not match what is in the site's IDP configuration for that contact. Either there is a mismatch, the user ID is missing, or there is no active contact record for the contact having the issue. 


  1. Confirm the contact exists within the organization. If so, confirm that the contact record has an SSO user ID. 
     User-added image
  1. Check the SAML response and Compare the NameID value in the XML to the SSO User ID in the contact or user profile to ensure the values match. Click here to check how to capture the SAML response:
  2. Confirm that the SSO user ID in the contact record matches what is in their IDP configuration. SSO User IDs are case sensitive and MUST match exactly.
  3. if there is a mismatch in the SSO user ID between the IDP and EVERBRIDGE, update the contact record in Everbridge. Everbridge Technical Support cannot make this change for you.
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