EBS: 'Sorry, you can't access this resource!' Error When Accessing 'Get COG profile' Under IPAWS Settings, or, 'credentials do not match or are invalid' Error When Sending an IPAWS Notification


When accessing Get COG profile under Settings > Organization > Publishing Options > CAP Channels > IPAWS, the following error occurs:

Sorry, you can't access this resource!
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If you attempt to send an IPAWS notification, a different error message occurs:

credentials do not match or are invalid

Root Cause:

The COG Alias in the IPAWS certificate definition is in the wrong format.

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For the COG ID, enter only the numbers from the .jks file. For the COG Alias, enter the .jks file name. In the above example the .jks file is IPAWSOPEN120076.jks. The COG ID needs to be 120076, and the COG Alias needs to be IPAWSOPEN120076.

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For more information on the COG Alias format, see Knowledge Base Article 000009342 - IPAWS FAQ

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