EBS: SMS Text Message Notifications With Missing Characters Are Being Sent to Contacts in Everbridge Suite


SMS text messages with missing characters (sometimes appearing like misspelled words) are being sent to contacts in Everbridge Suite.

Root Cause:


Contacts using Verizon as their cellular provider might receive text (SMS) notifications with missing characters if the notification contained more than 160 characters. If this occurs, Verizon must remove the character at the 160th position in order to deliver the notification as a single message. Text notifications that do not exceed 160 characters will not be affected by this defect.

Verizon has tentative plans to resolve this defect sometime in 2018.

Bell Mobility

The Canadian cellular provider Bell Mobility does not support (SMS) messages that are over 136 characters. Messages exceeding the limit are split and when put together again, characters will be missing.

Visit Bell Mobility's support page at support.bell.ca/ for more information on their character limitations.

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