EBS: Live Incident Chat Error Code in Everbridge Suite - 'An error occurred during initializing chat!'


Users are receiving the following error message when they are trying to initiate Live Incident Chat on the Manager Portal in Everbridge Suite:

An error occurred during initializing chat! Please check your network and refresh the page or switch to another browser to try again.

                                   Incident Chat Error

Root Cause:

A root cause has not been identified at this time.


An Administrator with user management permission will need to:

  1. Remove the link between the affected user and current contact record. Please reference the following Knowledge Base Article for instructions on how to do this: 000003700 - Unlinking Contact & User Records.

  2. Create a new contact record for the user manually or via upload.

  3. Link the user to the newly created contact. The following Knowledge Base Article describes how to do this: 000018027 - How to Link a Contact to a User Record.

  4. Now, when initiating Live Incident Chat, the error should be gone and will function as intended.

If after completing these steps Live Incident Chat is still not working as intended, please contact Everbridge Technical Support for additional assistance.


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