EBS: Popup Message "<Field-name> is Used in the Following Rules and/or Dynamic Groups. The Filters May Become Invalid After Update" Occurs in Everbridge Suite when Modifying an Additional Information Field


The following popup message occurs when editing an Additional Information field in Everbridge Suite (Settings > Organization > Contacts/Assets > Additional Information).

<Field-name> is used in the following Rules and/or Dynamic groups. The filters may become invalid after update.


In this example Chickens is being removed from the list of Pets where Pets is defined as an Additional Information field in Contact records.


Root Cause:

This message occurs when the field definition you are about to change with the Update button is used in either a Rule, a Dynamic group, or both.


The Rule or Dynamic group may need to be modified depending on the change being made. Follow these steps when you receive the above message:

  1. Temporarily cancel the change to the Additional Information field by clicking No.
  2. Review the affected Rules and/or Dynamic groups for references to the values you want to change in the Additional Information field.
  3. For each Rule and Dynamic group that references a value to be modified in the additional information field, remove any references (if any) to the values being changed.
  4. Go back and make the change to the Additional Information field. The popup message will still occur but now you can save the change because you have resolved the dependency referred to in the popup message.

In the above example, the Pets field is used in a Rule. Here is a copy of the Rule:

Note the Rule refers to Chickens which is the value being removed from the Pets Additional Information field. In this case, remove the reference to Chickens from the Pet Rule and then go back and remove Chickens from the list in the Pets Additional Information field.

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