EBS: ServiceNow Incident Variables Have Missing Information When Sent to the Recipients


ServiceNow incident variables have missing information when sent to the recipients.

Root Cause:

The data ingested from ServiceNow does not match the objects set up in your incident templates.


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Using the Incident template configured to ingest the data sent from ServiceNow, the variables must exactly match what action (JSON Object) is sent from ServiceNow.

If you create a new template, the field names and data types must match the field names in the integration’s Set incidentDetailsJSON action in the ServiceNow MIM Pull Incidents workflow. Currently the default fields in the workflow are as follows:

  • priority
  • short_description
  • assignment_group
  • major_incident_state
  • number
  • sys_id
  • state
  • description
  • opened_at
  • proposed_by
  • business_impact
  • groups_to_notify
  • fyi_notification
  • smart_channel_url
  • stop_notification
  • delivery_details_url
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The single and multiple selection values in the incident template variables must exactly match the potential values for the corresponding field on the ServiceNow side, including their case.

For example, in the example template there is a priority single select field with values of 1 - Critical, 2 - High, 3 - Moderate, and 4 Low.

If the information used for the variables do not match what is used in the template in Everbridge, there may be a potential for missing information sent to the recipients.

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