EBS: Resident Connection - Under What Circumstances Is a Notification Sent to Fewer Contacts Than the Number of Contacts Previewed on the Notification Page?



Under what circumstances is a notification sent to fewer contacts than the number of contacts previewed on the notification page in Resident Connection?


In an organization with Resident Connection, a notification page (see below) previews the number of organization contacts, residents, and businesses targeted (in the screenshot below, for example, 3,762,027 total contacts):

However, the broadcast report may display a smaller number of contacts whom the notification or incident targeted (in the screenshot below, for example, only 757,503 total contacts):


When this happens, it is because not all the residents and businesses selected had the right delivery methods. For example, if only voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) is selected as the Resident Connection delivery method, then the notification will only reach residents and businesses with VOIP, not those with only a Landline. This reduces the total number of residents and businesses the notification is sent to.

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