EBS: Ways to Launch an Everbridge Suite Notification


Ways to launch an Everbridge Suite Notification.


A Notification can be launched through one of the following methods.

Launch a New Notification from the Everbridge Manager Portal

New Notification

Communications > Notifications > New Notification


New Notification button

Communications > Notifications > {all options}


Notification Template 

Communications > Notifications > Notification Templates


Launch a Notification from the ManageBridge App

Details for sending a notification from the ManageBridge app may be found in the EBS: Mass Notification Operator Guide.

Launch a Notification by Phone

Please see knowledge base article EBS: How to Launch Notifications and Incidents by Phone Call In Everbridge Suite for steps on launching a Notification by Phone.

Launch a Notification via Application Programming Interface (API)

This information may be found in the Everbridge Developer Portal. For more information on the Developer Portal, please see knowledge base articles

Related knowledge base articles on launching notifications via the Developer Portal: 

Launch a Notification via Emergency Live Operator (ELO)

Please see knowledge base article EBS: How to Initiate a Notification, Incident or Scenario via Emergency Live Operator (ELO) in Everbridge Suite for steps to initiate a Notification via ELO.


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