EBS: Viewing Unsubscribe or Opt-Out Requests in Everbridge Suite


How to View a List of Contacts and Users That Have Unsubscribed From One or More Delivery Methods (SMS, Email, Voice) Used for Sending Notifications From Everbridge Suite. 


To view a list of contacts who have unsubscribed from SMS, Email, Voice notifications in Everbridge Suite, there is a Quick Report available in Everbridge Suite called Unsubscribe Requests.. You can run this report to view a list of contacts that have unsubscribed from any of these delivery methods SMS, Email, Voice.

To view this report:

  1. Log into the Everbridge Manager Portal and select your organization
  2. Select Reports & Analytics  > Reports
  3. Under Quick Reports select Unsubscribe Requests
  4. Select Download CSV


  1. View the downloaded CSV report to see the list of contacts who have opted out of one or more delivery methods (SMS, Email, Voice) and which delivery methods they have opted out of.


In this example John Smith has opted out of all delivery methods, SMS, email and voice.

Unsubscribe Report


  • You or your message senders will not be able to add contacts to the unsubscribe list or remove contacts from the unsubscribe list.
  • If any of your contacts have asked you to stop sending notifications to them via SMS, email or voice you can either remove their contact information from your Everbridge Organization (and your system of record) or ask your constituent to follow the steps to unsubscribe/opt-out in the relevant KBAs listed below.
  • Phone numbers, mobile phone numbers and email addresses will remain on the unsubscribe list indefinitely or until your constituent resubscribes.

Please see related knowledge base article EBS: Troubleshooting & Configuration Guide for SMS, Email, and Voice: Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Opt-In, Opt-Out - Main Page for more information.

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