EBS: FAQ on Link Tweet to a Web Page Feature in Everbridge Suite

This document provides the answer to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the Link tweet to a web page feature in EB Suite.

Link Tweet to a Web Page

Are linked tweet web pages accessible to anyone?

Linked Tweet Web Page

Linked tweet web pages can be accessed by the public. An example of this is shown to the right.

Are the linked tweet web pages secure?

Linked web pages are served up via HTTPS to support strong encryption. For more information see: Everbridge Suite Security Architecture.

Can I use a custom banner for linked tweet web pages?

Yes. If your organization has a banner as part of its Member Portal, it will also display in the linked tweet web page header.

Does "Rich Text Format" styling work with linked tweet web pages?

Yes. The linked web pages allow all RTF styling and include images in the body of the message.

Are files attached to the linked tweet web pages?

All attachments are included and are also downloadable from the linked tweet web page.

Do linked tweet web pages expire?

Linked tweet web pages expire after 90 days. When the web page becomes inactive, it will redirect to a page that displays: This message is no longer active.

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