EBS: How to Control Which Contacts Have Access to a Smart Conference Bridge in Everbridge Incident Communications


How to control which contacts have access to a smart conference bridge in Everbridge Incident Communications.


Smart conference bridge is a premium feature included with Everbridge Incident Communications that provides a dedicated conference bridge line for the organization that does not require an access code. If you do not see smart conference bridge enabled at your site, please contact your Account Manager.

To control who has access to a smart conference bridge, use the Validate Callers field when defining the incident template (Incidents > Templates > {New Incident Template or Edit existing template} > Form & Message > Outgoing Message).

The Validate Callers setting is selected by default. Options for who can attend a smart conference bridge based on the Validate Callers setting are:

  • Notification Contacts - this option is selected by default and verifies that the callers exist in your notification as contacts (including their corresponding phone numbers).

  • Organization Contacts - this option when selected, verifies that all contacts can join the bridge as long as each contact’s phone number exists in the organization.

  • A cleared check box allows any caller to attend the conference.

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