EBS: How to Send Notifications (SMS and Email) From Everbridge Suite to Nixle Subscribers


How to send notifications from Everbridge Suite to Nixle subscribers.


When creating a notification, Nixle Channels can be selected from the Publishing Options pane.

Follow the steps below to send notifications to Nixle subscribers:

  1. Log in to the Manager Portal and select the appropriate organization from the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on the Notifications tab.
  3. Click New Notification.
  4. Build the notification as desired.
  5. Under the Publishing Options pane, select the check box next to Nixle Channels.
Web Message for Community Engagement
  1. The Nixle Channels form will open then click on one of the three selections:
    • Alert - Alert messages are reserved for critically important information where loss of life and/or property is potentially imminent, the Alert option will only show when Imminent Threat to Life has been selected. Alert messages are time sensitive and require residents to take immediate action. Alerts are sent to Nixle subscribers by SMS and email. Alerts are also published to Google Alerts.
    • Advisory - Advisory messages are intended to communicate important, need-to-know information. Advisories require a heightened sense of awareness from residents, but should be considered less time critical than Alerts. Advisories are sent to Nixle subscribers by SMS and email.
    • Community - Community messages convey everyday local news, happenings, and developments. Community messages should not contain any time-critical information. Community messages are sent to Nixle subscribers by email only.
Alert Channel
  1. Selecting Alert requires the following CAP fields to be selected for the notification:
  • Message Category
  • Event Name
  • Urgency
  • Severity
  • Certainty

There is also a text box to enter Instructions for subscribers to receive alongside the message.

NOTE: The CAP fields and instructions text box only apply to Alerts.

  1. Select the amount of time in hours the notification Expires in from the drop down menu.
  2. Enter an SMS Message or click on the Same as message body link to automatically enter any text already in the message body of the notification.
  3. Select the checkbox for one or both of the following:
    • Community Subscribers.
    • Event Subscribers.
SMS Message
Selecting Subscribers
  1. Selecting Community Subscribers allows users to select an impacted area for the notification to be received. One of the following options can be used to pin point what areas are impacted and should receive the message:
    • A City/Town, County or ZIP code within my jurisdiction - Enter the name of a place or the ZIP code desired, or use ZIP codes from any shapes created in the Everbridge Map to select contacts.
    • My entire jurisdiction - notifies all Nixle subscribers within the organization's jurisdiction.
  2. Click on the Include contact information specific to this message if it is desired to have a point of contact for Nixle subscribers to reach out to.
    • Enter a Name.
    • Enter a Title/Department.
    • Enter a Phone number.
    • Enter an Email address.
  3. Selecting Event Subscribers allows user to select public and/or private event subscriptions that are managed in Everbridge Suite settings.
    • Select the checkboxes next to the desired events.
  4. Complete the notification as desired and click Send.

Nixle subscribers will receive an SMS message which includes a link to the web message (such as "nixle.us/99ZZZ"). Based upon the channel selections listed below, subscribers will see the message in different locations:

  • Community subscribers will see the message on their local.nixle.com website.
  • Public event subscribers will see the message on their public Member Portal.
  • Private event subscribers will not be sent a link, as the message will not be publicly available.
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