EBS: How to Update Additional Information Fields for Contacts via CSV File Upload to Everbridge Suite


This article explains how to update your contacts' Additional Information fields via your CSV file uploads. For a thorough explanation of how to configure contacts' Additional Information directly in the Manager Portal in Everbridge Suite, please see article EBS: How to Configure Additional Information Fields for Contacts in Everbridge Suite.


To include an Additional Information field in an upload file, you must add two columns: one labeled "Custom Field X" (with the number of the field) and one labeled "Custom Value X" (with the same number). Each Additional Information field will require its own pair of columns.

For each "Custom Field X" column, each row will have the name of the Additional Information field.

For each "Custom Value X" column, each row will have that contact's value for that specific Additional Information field.

For example, if your contacts used the Additional Information fields below:

Then these Additional Information fields would appear like this in your CSV file (using Excel as an example):

The order is not critical. "Employment Status" and "Active" could appear under "Custom Field 2" and "Custom Value 2", and the system would still assign the correct values to your contacts' fields. 

All that matters is that the names of the fields and their values match how they are set in Everbridge Suite.

Keep in mind that the column names should not be altered or customized, or the upload will produce errors.

NOTE: The most recently added Additional Information field will appear at the bottom of the Additional Information fields in Everbridge Suite, but it will appear as the first Custom Field/Custom Value column pair in your contact CSV file. For a thorough explanation of this, please see article 57983 - Why Does My New Additional Information Field Become the First Custom Field in My Contact List CSV File?

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