EBS: How to Attach Files to Notifications or Incidents in Everbridge Suite


How to attach files to notifications or incidents in Everbridge Suite.


Attachments may be included on notifications to send relevant documents, pictures, and other files to communicate with contacts more effectively.

Please keep the following in mind when attaching files to a notification:

  • Files can be attached to notifications sent via email, Everbridge Mobile App, or fax.
  • Up to 5 files can be attached to the message.
  • The total file size for all attachments is 20 MB.
  • Each file name should be no more than 80 characters.
  • 178 different document types are supported, including the commonly used formats Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF, and HTML.  
  • If the notification is sent via fax, use file types that are receivable via a fax transmission (for example, no audio files). Fax attachment files should not contain macros or complicated formatting.
  • If the files attached to a notification are 2 MB and under, the files will be embedded in the email.  
  • If the total files attached to a notification are more than 2 MB in size, contacts will see secure links in the email notification received. Contacts can click the links to download and view each attachment.  
  • Attachment links will be available for 7 days by default. This can be configured and changed in Organization Settings > Notifications > Default Options > Attachment to 1 to 30 days.
  • CAPRSS feeds can accept up to 2 MB of files.  
  • Nixle can support up to 10 MB of files.  
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