EBS: Everbridge Suite Glossary of Terms




Comma Separated Value. A file format used to upload contacts to the Manager Portal.

Alert Subscriptions

Types of notifications contacts can subscribe to receive notifications.


An Everbridge partner providing desktop alerts, alert beacons, and digital signage.


Application Program Interface. A set of routines, protocols, and tools that allow your software and programs to communicate with the Everbridge Suite.

Broadcast Cycle

The number of times the Everbridge application should attempt to notify your contacts.

Broadcast Duration

How long the Everbridge application should attempt to notify your contacts and for how long your contacts have for confirming receipt of your notification.

Call Throttling

A feature used to control the number of simultaneous phone calls made to your jurisdiction or to your locations.


Commercial Mobile Alert System. See WEA.

Conference Bridge

A notification type that alerts contacts to join a conference call.

Country Calling Code

A numeric code that precedes a phone number that specifies which country the phone number belongs to.

Delivery Method

A way a contact can receive a notification, such as Email, SMS, pager, or phone.

Dynamic Group

Groups which update based on contact-specific criteria when a notification is sent.


A group of notifications for the same incident or event in your organization.

Everbridge Mobile App

A mobile application that contacts can receive notifications through and interact with the message senders with features such as sharing geolocation information, pictures, and free form text.


Verification of the latitude and longitude of a contact's address.


Geographic Information System. Used to indicate that a notification was sent from the Universe tab.


Static lists of contacts that are maintained by users. Groups may represent sets of contacts that share commonalities.

Incident Management

The automation of an organization's incident communication plan. An organization's communication plan is comprised of incident templates, which include the necessary components to deliver notifications: message, contacts, and notification settings.

Incident Template

A predefined template tailored to a specific communication plan.

Incident Variables

A custom field that administration roles can add to the input form of an incident template to collect critical information an incident.

Incident Zone

A shape-created geofence which designates an area of activity.

Interactive Visibility

The communications console from the Universe tab, utilizing Twitter, Member and Safety messages, weather alerts and more to gather real-time data.

Manager Portal

Used interchangeably with "Mass Notifications", or "Everbridge Suite".

Map Layers

An overlay on the map used to reference information. Map layers may include structures, contact location, and weather.

Message Template

A precomposed message that can be used when sending a notification.


A safety and security solutions service provider that can be used in conjunction with Everbridge.

Notification Escalation

A feature used in notifications to contact additional sets of message recipients if an expected number of responses is not met.

Notification Template

A predefined notification tailored for specific contacts or groups.


Private Branch Exchange. A switching system that provides intercommunication between telephones.

Point Address Data

Uploaded geocoding data for addresses. Using point address data matches the stored addresses to contact address data: exact matches are geocoded on the contact records.


A notification type that allows contacts to respond to a list of choices.

Quick Reports

A set of preconfigured reports, used for summarizing and analyzing notifications, incidents, and contact performance.


Used with polling notifications, quotas set required amounts for specific responses.


A designation for a user account's set of privileges when accessing Everbridge Suite.


A dynamic method to select contacts based on data fields for a notification.


A collection of incident templates used to notify different audiences with different messages at the same time.

Secure Messaging

Industry-compliant, application-based mobile messaging. Used in Everbridge Mobile app.

Secure Push

A feature which sends a notification to a Secure Messaging application.

Sender Caller ID

The number that displays on a contact's phone when receiving a voice notification.

Sender Email Display

The address that displays in the "From" field when receiving an email notification.

SMART Weather

A premium weather alerting feature utilizing weather alerts and thresholds for targeted automated notification.


Short message service, also known as text messaging.


Simple mail transfer protocol, i.e., username@domain.com.


Single Sign-On.


Criteria which determine when to launch a notification or incident template. Used for weather and Twitter alerts, as well as Safety and Member Messages.

Voice Delivery PIN

A numeric code contacts must enter before hearing a voice notification.

Voice Greeting

An automated message that plays before voice notifications.


Wireless Emergency Alerts.


A feature used to update a client-controlled webpage with notification-specific information.

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