EBS: How to Enable Microphone Access to the Everbridge Recorder in Mass Notification


How to enable microphone access to the Everbridge recorder in Mass Notification.

Questions answered:

  • Why are my voice recordings made within MN empty?
  • How do I grant the Everbridge recorder access to my microphone so I can record voice messages?



If the Adobe Flash Player Settings box does not appear, disable your browser's pop-up blocker.

Enabling Microphone AccessWhen sending a notification and using the "Everbridge recorder" option, you can toggle microphone permission from the Adobe Flash Player Settings:

  1. To access the Everbridge recorder, select the radio button for Use a voice recording, then select the radio button for Use Everbridge recorder.
  2. Right-click anywhere within the dark EVERBRIDGE RECORDER box, then choose the Settings option.
  3. Choose the Privacy tab from the bottom of the Adobe Flash Player Settings box.
  4. Select the radio button for Allow, and check the Remember box to ensure that the Everbridge recorder can access your microphone.
  5. Choose the Close button to return to the Everbridge recorder.
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