Testing of Everbridge’s Web Applications With Internet Explorer - FAQ


Testing of Everbridge's web applications with Internet Explorer - FAQ.


This document provides the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the testing of Everbridge's web applications with Internet Explorer.

When will Everbridge stop testing Web applications with Internet Explorer?

Everbridge’s policy is to test only with browsers supported by the respective software company and, as such, we will discontinue testing with Internet Explorer as of November 10th, 2022.

  • Until November 10th, 2022:
    • Everbridge will only fix application functionality not supported by Internet Explorer in critical workflows such as Notifications and Incidents.
NOTE: This only applies to functionality issues where we do not need technical support from Microsoft.

Everbridge will continue testing with its recommended browsers and will continue to fix application functionality issues linked to those browsers as necessary.

  • On November 10th, 2022:
    • Everbridge will stop testing all application functionality using Internet Explorer in the Critical Event Management Suite.  This includes the following products: Mass Notification, Safety Connection, IT Alerting, Crisis Management, and Visual Command Center (VCC).
    • Everbridge Technical Support will not track client-reported issues due to the use of Internet Explorer.  Technical Support will recommend clients to use one of the browsers that Everbridge will continue to use in all application testing.

Why is Everbridge no longer testing with Internet Explorer?

Microsoft has officially retired Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022 and is no longer providing updates and support.  This means they will no longer make any improvements to this browser, which has been replaced by Microsoft Edge.

How does this affect my users?

We recommend users of the Critical Event Management Suite (accessed via *.everbridge.net and *. everbridge.eu) use one of the browsers Everbridge uses in all application testing. The Everbridge applications will not prevent users from accessing the application using a browser not listed in our Systems Requirements. However, Everbridge will not respond to application functionality issues reported for any browser not listed in the latest Everbridge Systems Requirements found in Knowledge Base Article 000059137 - System Requirements for Everbridge CEM Suite and Mobile Apps.

Will the Critical Event Management (CEM) Suite still function with Internet Explorer?

Some or all components of the Critical Event Management Suite might still function with Internet Explorer, but Everbridge will no longer respond to client-reported issues when using a browser not listed on the Everbridge Systems Requirements page.

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