Mobile: How Are Emergency Calls Made From My Device if I Use the "Emergency Call" Safety Button in the Everbridge Mobile App?


How are emergency calls made from my device if I use the Emergency Call safety button in the Everbridge Mobile App?


When you use the Emergency Call button from the safety buttons window in the Everbridge Mobile App the app will open your phone's local dialer app and place a call from your device to the number that your organization has pre-programmed for this button. These calls are not made out of the Everbridge Mobile App directly.

If you have multiple phone/dialing applications on your device, your phone may request that you select which dialer application to use before a call can be made. This is shown in the screenshot below under "Complete action using".

User-added image User-added image

If the Emergency Call button dials Emergency Services, the user will still need to speak to the Emergency Services operator to relay critical information regarding the emergency.

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