EBS: When Uploading a Contact Upload File Into Everbridge Suite That Has German Phone Numbers, Sometimes the Country Code (+49) is Duplicated in the Number Itself


When uploading a Contacts upload file to Everbridge CEM Suite that has German phone number(s), sometimes the country code (+49) is duplicated in the number itself:


Root Cause

There is no plus (+) sign in front of the country code in the Phone column OR no country listed in Phone Country column.

Alternatively, the contact is from an area of Germany where "49" is the country code AND the area code.


German phone numbers with the country code repeated are, in fact, still valid phone numbers. However, to avoid this duplication, please do the following:

  1. Check if the contact's country code AND area code are both "49". If so, no action is necessary.
  2. If not, put the plus (+) sign in front of the phone number in the respective Phone column in the contact upload file. This will indicate to the system that the next few digits are the country code.
  3. Alternatively, remove the country code altogether from the phone number and ensure the country code (for Germany, "DE") is in the respective Phone Country column in the upload file (directly to the right of the Phone column).

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