EBS: How to Choose Which Users Receive Email Notifications When Contacts Are Uploaded


How to choose which users receive email notifications when contacts are uploaded.


Email notifications for contact uploads work as follows:

  1. An upload via the Everbridge Manager Portal (manager.everbridge.net or manager.everbridge.eu) notifies only the user who conducted the upload.
  2. An upload via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) notifies all organization administrators in that organization.  (Note: The organization admin must be a registered user in order to receive the email notifications).
  3. An upload via an application programming interface (API) notifies no one.

NOTE: It is possible to send upload notifications to others via a distribution list by creating a new user with the organization administrator role and adding the distribution list email address as that user's email. The steps to create a new user can be found in knowledge base article EBS: How to Add Users in Everbridge Suite at the Account and Organization Levels Both Manually and via an Upload File.

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