EBS: Does Renaming an Additional Information Field in the Everbridge Suite Settings Affect Contacts?


Does renaming an additional information field in the Everbridge Suite settings affect contacts?


Renaming an additional information field does not negatively affect contact records associated with it. The name will update and its values will remain.

NOTE: Renaming a value within an additional information field will remove it from associated contact records. This occurs with additional information fields that use "Single Selection List" and "Multiple Selection List" values only.

Renaming an Additional Information Field

  • Additional Information Settings In this example under Settings > Contacts and Groups > Additional Information, the Name of an additional information field is set to "Title".
  • Original Contact RecordWithin contact records, the additional information field's name is set to "Title" and the value is set to "Manager".
  • Additional Information Name UpdatedWhen the Name is changed in the organization's settings, it will reflect in all associated contact records. In this example, "Title" was changed to "Position".
  • Additional Information Name UpdatedContacts associated to the additional information field are updated so the field is now "Position" and the value remains as "Manager".

Renaming Values within an Additional Information Field

  • Selection Value ChangedIn the example to the right, the value "Manager" is changed to "Supervisor".
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