EBS: Contact Upload Error Code: ‘Organization name required for account level upload: Organization Name'


Error Message:

  • Organization name required for account level upload: Organization Name

NOTE: This error will be seen at the Account level under the Contacts tab. Only Account Admin users have access to the Account level.

Root Cause:

This error means that the Organization Name column is missing from the upload file and the file is uploaded at the Account level. 


Update the contact upload file with the Organization Name column, and populate a value for each contact in the file. Acceptable values are the names of the Organizations in your Account. 


Organization Name Column Missing Error

For example, the following file would cause this error:

CSV File With No Organization Name Column
Note that there is no column with header Organization Name. This column is required when uploading at the Account level. The example contact upload file below shows how the Organization Name column should be included and would prevent this error. 

          CSV File With Organization Name Column

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