EBS: After Removing a Sender Caller ID From Org Settings, the Deleted Sender Caller ID is Still Available in Previously Created Notification And/or Incident Templates


After removing one or more Sender Caller IDs from Organization settings in the Everbridge Manager Portal (Settings > Organization > Notifications > Sender Information), the deleted Sender Caller ID(s) may show on previously created Notification and Incident Templates.

In the example below, the Sender Caller ID for Austria is removed yet still appears in the Notification/Incident Templates.  

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Notification Template:

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Incident Template:

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Root Cause:

We have found this to occur in rare circumstances where the deleted sender caller ID remains in cache.


For each notification/incident template with this issue, edit the template using the pencil icon and without changing anything press Save.

Note: If the fields are greyed out and it doesn't let you edit the sender caller ID, navigate to Settings > Organization > Notifications > Sender Information and enable Allow Sender Override. The fields will now be editable.

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