EBS: What Is the Difference Between a Contact’s Expected Location and Last Known Location in Everbridge Suite?


What is the difference between a Contact's Expected Location and Last known Location on the Universe map?


A Contact's Expected Location is where the Contact will be while a Contact's Last known Location is where the contact was most recently.

Last Known Location

Each time an Everbridge organization receives geo-location data from the Everbridge Mobile App (from Solicited Messages, Unsolicited Messages, SOS, Safe Corridor, Check-In, and Emergency Call), the Contact’s Last Known Location is updated. The Last Known Location can also be updated via the Upload Dynamic Locations sub-tab under the Contacts tab by uploading a CSV file with the location name, date range, country, and address. The latitude and longitude of a location can also be used.

Note: The Dynamic location CSV file is only for populating Last Known Locations and cannot be used to populate Expected Locations.

Expected Location

Methods for updating Expected Locations for Contacts are manually, via an OOB (Out of the Box) connector,  API integration, or the Outlook 365 integration.

Note: Expected Locations are kept up to 12 months in the past and 12 months into the future.

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