EBS: What Is the Data Retention Period for Data Stored in Everbridge?


What is the data retention period for data stored in Everbridge?


The data retention period for data stored in Everbridge Suite varies by the type of data being stored and defines the time period that the data is available online.

  • Notifications: Notification history is stored for approximately 18 months (or 540 days). Notification history includes notifications sent, attempt records, and responses.
  • Incident Communications: Incidents are retained indefinitely but the notifications associated with Incidents are stored for 18 months (540 days). Once an incident becomes older than 18 months (540 days), the incident can be accessed but the associated notification will no longer be visible. The exception to this is a custom Incident report. If you run a custom incident report, you will see notifications for those incidents up to 19 months (or 568 days) old.
  • Reporting: Reporting data is stored for 19 months (568 days). However, an individual report can only be run for up to six months at a time. For example, retrieving all 19 months (568 days) of data would require four reports (19/6).
  • Contact Records: are stored until deleted by the account or organization.
  • User Records: are stored until deleted by the account or organization.
  • Templates: are stored until deleted by the account or organization.
  • Location Data: An Account Admin or Organization Admin can configure the location data retention period. The period can be as short as one day and as long as 18 months (540 days). The default retention period is 6 months. 
    • If your organization has the Safety Connection feature and the Data Retention Policy feature, then an admin may configure a custom data retention period. If you do not have either of these features, please get in touch with your Everbridge Account Manager. If available, follow the steps below to configure the Data Retention Policy:
      • Log in to the Manager Portal and select the appropriate organization from the upper right-hand corner.
      • Select Settings from the top menu bar.
      • Select Map from the menu on the left.
      • Select Location Data Sources and then Data Retention Policy
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