EBS: What Does the Geocoding Information Mean in Everbridge Suite When Contacts Are Uploaded and the Upload Results Are Received via Email?


What does the geocoding information mean in Everbridge Suite when contacts are uploaded and the upload results are received via email?


Geocoding Information

When a contact data file is uploaded to an organization containing addresses, an email with geocoding information is sent to the user once the upload is completed. Below is the list of geocoding information with short descriptions:

  • Total upload addresses number - The total addresses uploaded in your file. NOTE: Total addresses count included in the file may be higher than the contact count depending on the number of addresses included for each contact record.
  • Total required geocoding number - The amount of addresses that the Everbridge system attempted to geocode based on the the total uploaded. Everbridge does not attempt the geocoding for the addresses loaded with lat/long value in the file.
  • Total failed geocoding number - The amount of addresses that a Latitude and Longitude could not be found based on the amount attempted.
  • Total success geocoding number - The amount of addresses that finding a Latitude and Longitude was successful based on the amount attempted.

NOTE: If the total addresses uploaded number is different than the total required number, this could mean that some addresses in the total amount have a Latitude and Longitude included and therefore did not need to be geocoded.

Non-Geocoded Addresses

The total failed geocoding number gives a total of addresses that could not be geocoded in the upload. This does not capture the total of contacts with addresses that did not geocode. For example, one contact has five addresses but only one was geocoded. The total failed geocoding number will include the four addresses that failed.

If a contact did not have any addresses geocoded, find them by using Advanced search by following the steps below:

This filters contacts that do NOT have any geocoded addresses. Change the condition to True in step 6, to then filter contacts that have at least one geocoded address.

  1. Login to the Manager Portal and select the desired organization from the upper-right side of the page.
  2. Hover over Contacts.
  3. Click on Contact List.
  4. Click on Advanced on the right side of the page.
  5. Next to Add Filter Search, select Contact is Geocoded as the field.
  6. Select False as the condition.
  7. Click Search.
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