EBS: Can a Deleted Everbridge-Provided Conference Bridge in Everbridge Suite Be Restored?



Can a deleted Everbridge-provided conference bridge in Everbridge Suite be restored?


Restoring Deleted Conference Bridges

No. Deleted Everbridge-provided conference bridges cannot be restored if they are deleted but a new one with the same name, number and access code as the deleted one may be added. To do so, the access code of the deleted conference must be determined.

Finding the access code of the deleted conference:

These bridges use the same conference number (605-468-8035), but each has its own conference access code. Conference access codes are incremental, so if one conference bridge is deleted, the remaining bridges can help determine what the access code should be.

Using the example to the right, Everbridge Conference Bridge 4 was deleted, and the remaining conference access codes are as follows:

  • 2099546
  • 2099556
  • 2099566

We can determine that the conference access code for the deleted conference bridge is 2099576.

Using this information, a new conference bridge can be added with the name, number and access code as the deleted conference bridge.

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