EBS: What Is Everbridge Secure Collaboration in Everbridge Suite?



What is Everbridge Secure Collaboration in Everbridge Suite?


Secure Collaboration is a fully integrated application in the Everbridge Critical Event Management (CEM) Platform to enhance peer-to-peer chat experience and image exchange through mobile and desktop applications. Receive real-time collaboration among key stakeholders and securely share your encrypted communications and satisfy HIPAA, FedRamp, SOX, and other compliance requirements. The Secure Collaboration application replaces what was formerly known as HipaaBridge and SecureBridge.

There are three available components:

  • Incident Chat: Incident Chat is part of Incident Communications and lets you invite contacts to chat through the Everbridge Mobile App (EMA), the Everbridge Manager Portal or the Everbridge Member Portal from a sent incident. This option may be enabled for individual organizations.
  • Enforce Privacy: This option prevents push notifications sent to the Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) from showing on the phone lock screen. This option may only be enabled at the account level and will effect all organizations associated with that account.
  • Directory Chat: Directory Chat allows contacts to use the Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) to have chats (single or group) with other contacts in the organization.You can have multiple people on a group text but 1:1 allows for voice and video chat. This option may be enabled for individual organizations. Note: Other names for Directory Chat are Chat and Secure Chat.

If you do not see any of these options and are interested in having them enabled in your organization or account, please contact your Everbridge Account Manager.

See also Knowledge Base Article 000059833 - What is the Difference Between Incident Chat and Directory Chat in Everbridge Secure Collaboration?

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