EBS: Why Are You Asked to Log in Again to Everbridge Suite When You Click the Email Alert Link to Download a Report or Contact Files?


Why are you asked to log in again to Everbridge Suite when you click the email alert link to download a report or contact files?

Why does clicking the email alert link not open the report?



Prior to clicking the direct access link, ensure that you are logged in to the Manager Portal with your default web browser. If you are logged in to the Manager Portal using a different browser, copy and paste the link into a new tab in the current browser. This method also works with users who log in via SSO.

When a report or contact file that is greater than two thousand lines is downloaded, Everbridge Suite utilizes an email to alert you when the file is available by providing a direct access link. If you do not have an active browser session open, you will need to enter your login credentials.

If you are asked to log in to Everbridge Suite when clicking the direct access link to download a report or contact files, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Enter your login credentials for Everbridge Suite.
  2. Click the direct access link in the email you received again.
  3. Choose to download the file.
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