EBS: Supported File Formats When Uploading Contacts Into Everbridge Suite via SFTP


Supported file formats when uploading contacts into Everbridge Suite via SFTP.


The Everbridge Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) host will process the following file types:

  • CSV
  • GPG*
  • PGP*
  • TAR.GZ
  • ZIP

Files uploaded via SFTP with an extension not listed above will be deleted without processing, and will not appear on the Everbridge Contacts + Assets > Contacts > Uploads tab. The only exception to this is files without any extension at all, which are ignored by the SFTP host.

To change the extension of an upload file using WinSCP:

  1. Browse to the directory containing the contacts file.
  2. Right-click on the contacts file, then click Rename (or select the file, then press F2).
  3. Edit the file name so that it ends in ".csv" or the extension desired.
  4. Proceed with the SFTP upload as usual.


*The GPG and PGP file types without the preceding .CSV file name are only processed if the Encryption Status setting is set to On within an organization's Secure FTP settings.  If the Encryption Status is set to Off, then files with an extension of "GPG" or "PGP" will be deleted without processing just like other unsupported file types.


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