EBS: Configuring Organizations Within the Same Everbridge Account to Have Different Member Portal Single Sign-on (SSO) Configurations in Everbridge Suite


How to configure organizations within the same Everbridge account to have different Member Portal Single Sign-On (SSO) configurations in Everbridge Suite.


Organizations belonging to the same Everbridge account may be configured to have different Member Portal SSO configurations. The Everbridge system now has the capability to accept one metadata file PER organization within the account instead of having an umbrella metadata file covering all organizations.

To configure a different Member Portal SSO provider for each member portal organization within the same Everbridge account, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Everbridge Manager Portal, log in to the organization for which you would like to set up member portal SSO.
  2. Select Settings > SecuritySingle Sign-On for Member Portal.
  3. Click Override Settings and Confirm.
  1. Required fields will have a red asterisk (Name, API Name, Identity Provider Metadata, SAML Identity Location). Fill out required fields with appropriate information. You can find these fields with a description in the screenshot provided below.
  2. The API Name field will be a unique value for each organization.
  3. Identity Provider Metadata file:  Select the .xml file that uniquely identifies your SAML Identity provider. If you do not have this file set up yet, you can insert any .xml file as a placeholder while you set up the configuration. If you choose to use a placeholder .xml file, you must replace the file with the .xml file that uniquely identifies the SAML identity provider before SSO will work.
  4. Everbridge recommends using SHA-256 for the Security Hash Algorithm for the additional security it provides.
  5. The Identity Provider login URL will be generated after configuration is complete.
  6. Select Save twice.
Required SSO fields for configuration

Repeat this process for each organization that requires a different member portal SSO configuration from the SSO configuration defined at the account level.

NOTE: Each organization must have a UNIQUE API Name.

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