EBS: What Are the Different Notification Types in Everbridge Suite?


What are the different notification types in Everbridge Suite?


There are three types of notifications:

  1. Standard.
  2. Polling.
  3. Conference.

Standard Notifications

Standard notifications are used to send a message to people through a variety of methods including voice, text, and email. Confirmations can be requested from contacts that receive standard notifications. Standard Notifications can be emergency messages or informational messages.

Polling Notifications

Polling notifications are for sending a message to contacts and presenting them a menu of resposnses for them to choose from. When contacts receive the message, they can reply with one of the choices. Then users can view the responses to know each contact's answer.

To learn more on using polling notifications see Knowledge Base Article 000005683 - What Is a Polling Notification Used for in Everbridge Suite?

A polling notification can have a quota associated with it. This is when not only a response is requested but a certain number of responses are needed. A quota might be for people, such as locating employees to work overtime or volunteers to a staff event.

To learn more on using quota notifications see Knowledge Base Article 000005687 - What Is a Quota Notification Used for in Everbridge Suite?

Conference Notifications

Conference notifications are messages that ask contacts to join a conference call. This could be an emergency where contacts need to discuss a situation immediately or it might be a convenient way to pull in a team for a weekly status meeting.

To learn more on using conference notifications see Knowledge Base Article 000046065 - How to Create a Conference Bridge and Documentation Article 000004307 - Conference Notification Types & Best Practices.

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